Classification is an evaluation of compliance of vessel’s technical condition as well as its mechanisms, hull, and equipment with the rules of the Mediterranean Shipping Register and with the normative and technical documents to determine the possibility of assignment, renewal, reassignment, retainment, and confirmation of the Register class according to their purpose and to ensure the protection of human life at sea, the safe and reliable transport of passengers and cargo, and the prevention of pollution environment. As a classification society, MSR is an essential link in the overall safety chain of the marine industrie.

Transfer of class

We want you to have the best partner to support the safe and efficient operation of your vessels, now and in the future. We will work with you in the management of your vessels helping you realise their full potential, assisting you with any technical issues or exceptional circumstances that may arise and above all, supporting you to keep them trading.

If you are considering changing to us as your class partner, we also make the transfer process as straightforward and seamless as possible.

Transfer of class (TOC) is the process by which you can move your vessel to MSR class.

Transferring your vessels to MSR class is a fast and simple process, allowing you to see the benefits of having MSR as your class partner in the quickest time possible.

Rules and regulations

MSR` Rules and Regulations set appropriate standards for the design, construction and lifetime maintenance of ships.