About Us

Mediterranean Shipping Register (MSR) is a private and independent Classification Society registered in London, United Kingdom, and running its branch offices worldwide.

Our main purpose is rendering of a wide range of services related to the Classification, Statutory Certification, Management, Consultation and Technical Supervision of vessels, exceeding the needs of the most demanding Ship Owners from all over the world.

From the very first idea of establishment of the ships International Classification Society - Mediterranean Shipping Register - its Founders decided to do it with help of the real Specialists having deep knowledge of Ships Technical and Operational Management, working experience in the International Companies and Classification Societies (IACS members), in order to serve the Maritime Community in a reliable, efficient and professional way. Definitely, our most valuable resource is our Staff: a highly-qualified team of Professionals constantly working on their skills, performance and abilities, always in line with IMO and IACS instructions and guidelines.

MSR is a dynamically developing Classification Society, seeking to achieve the highest international standards of quality. Our success is assured by the maintenance and improvement of the internal Quality Management System, developed in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001:2015. At the same time, our activity complies with Resolutions IMO - A.739 (18) and A.789 (19) - as well as International Standards and Codes, such as ISO / IEC 17020 and recently-ratified Code for Recognized Organizations (RO CODE), adopted by Resolution MSC.349(92) and Resolution MEPC.237(65).

MSR has established a modern bureau infrastructure using all appropriate techniques for fast, reliable and cost effective operations. The Companys Management is committed to act always within the frames of the MSR Documents, taking the protection of Environment, Human Life and Property as the factors of paramount importance.

Today a ship has to comply with a continually increasing number of the international requirements set by the International Maritime Organization. The Flag Administrations are responsible for ensuring this compliance. MSR has been entrusted with the survey of ships and issuance of relevant Statutory certificates; carry out Audits and issue the relevant ISM Code certificates; perform the evaluation and verification of ship security plans, in accordance with various Conventions, on behalf of the following Flag Administrations that have delegated their Authority to MSR:

Palau International Ship Registry (PISR)Tanzania Zanzibar International Register of Shipping (TZIRS)